Newborn Baby Care Game

Newborn Baby Care

Let’s get experience of babysitting.

many parents put their new born babies into daycare school. but here we provide playing activities with interactive playroom of games like a bubble fun bath, tooth brush, changing the Diapers, traditional cloths, make different types of food, sleep and get a good dreams with natural music and Game zone to play some mini game for kids.

Bathing :
Put some bath toys into bath tub and rub the different types of shampoo on babies. select variety of soap to rub the baby and don’t forget to give bubble bath which will make the baby jump for joy by popping bubbles. after bath wipe him softly with a towel.

Dress up :
There are variety of cute outfits for boys and cloth , socks, shoes for babies. baby girl like pink dress so there is special clothes for baby girl.

Feed The Baby :
Prepare different types of delicious meal Flavoured milk, Milk Mixtures, Healthy Corn Flex , Soup, candy store, Fruits Slice which adds some vitamins in diet of kids. Clean the baby with napkin after taking energetic food.

Game Zone :
After taking food and bath babies are so exited to play some games so we have some mini games for babies to get some basic education with games like learn alphabets, identify color , jigsaw puzzle , Identify the shape, Learn the Numbers 1 to 10 and many more which will sharp the mind of babies.

Sleep Time :
After All this stuff and playing the game baby get tied and wants to take some rest. Give him some favourite toys put some natural music and switch off the lights and say good night to baby. Don’t forget to cover the baby with Blanket.

it’s time to wakeup the baby and change the dirty diapers and put some new cotton cloth for babies for his morning breakfast.

• 10 different types of activities for baby boy and baby girl
• cute animation of babies.
• funny sounds of baby crying and when babies got happy.
• 10 different type of mini game to grow brain of baby.
• varieties of baby clothes
• HD graphics of baby characters
• Free to play

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