Supermarket Cashier Game – A top supermarket game on google play and appstore

Join the fun and explore the supermarket Cashier Game world. 

money management game sell products earn cash and upgrade your store to level 3 store.

Enjoy Level wise Stores and challenge yourself to serve as many customers as you can. You can also earn cash by selling products and use that cash to upgrade the level.

Keep your supermarket under control and become the best storekeeper in this supermarket shopping game!

Do you like the supermarket manager and cash register store management games for girls for free?

Supermarket Cashier simulator is fun supermarket Cashier management free online game.
Supermarket simulator game has plenty of stores, cash register, fruits, vegetables, grocery department, fun zone, food zone, refreshment area and much more! you can some departments features bellow.

Supermarket Cashier Game Departments

Grocery Store : int his grocery game you have to identify the items on the table that the customer wants.

Cake : make colourful cakes.

Food packing : pack different types of cooked breakfast and foods.

Fish : enjoy fishing experience by tap tap game to catch the fish

Popcorn : make different flavours of popcorn with caramel and cheese.

Fruits and vegetables : identify the fruits and vegetables, hand them over to the customer, and weigh them on the scale.

Toys : try the mini-game Hidden Object, where you have to find the toy from the cupboard which is demanded.

Game Zone : Enjoy Whack a Mole game of rabbits and Duck shooting game.

Car parking : assist customers who want to escape from 3d parking

Clean Market : Assist in keeping the tycoon market clean and hygiene.

Home delivery service : car driving game to deliver orders at doorstep and earn cash.

Cash Counter : with scanner create a bill and collect coins from customers like cash register to practice math skills and get best cashier experience.

Key Features


    • Educational shopping game for kids

    • Satisfy a variety of demanding customers

    • improve mathematical skills while counting money in supermarket game

    • it’s like a supermarket shopping mall where you get so many departments for shopping

    • well designed for kids and adults

    • Top rated kids and simulation game

    • multiple mini games
    • Level-wise store upgradation
    • Keep track of stock and fill it as needed
    • 3D store view for a mesmerising experience
    • Upgrade time management skills by serving customers on time
    • Enjoy lots of mini games and earn more money by playing fast
    • Hurry up and get first global rank with high earning
    • Daily Exciting Rewards and lucky spin

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