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Supermarket Cashier Game

Keep your supermarket under control and become the best storekeeper in this shopping game!

Supermarket simulator is fun supermarket Cashier management game.
Supermarket simulator game has plenty of stores, cash register, fruits, vegetables, grocery department, fun zone, food zone, refreshment area and much more!

Breakfast Cooking Game

Ultimate Breakfast Cooking Game to Prepare a variety of tasty dishes & desserts

ultimate breakfast chef in this yummy breakfast cooking game. Prepare, Cook, and Serve delicious dishes & drinks.Become the cooking star and make delicious breakfast food dishes using a variety of ingredients

Newborn Baby Care

Newborn Baby Care

Get yourself all set for lots of fun and laughter! There’s so much to do with your cute little babies !

“New Born Baby Care Game” is specially designed for kids. In this interactive game, you will enjoy lots of fun activities like babysitting, baby feeding, giving babies a bubble bath, playing with toddlers, and taking care of those little ones.

Newborn Baby Food Making

Enjoy Newborn Baby Food Making with toddlers!

Explore how to make healthy and delicious food for cute newborn babies. Develop your cooking skills and make the baby happy. ‘Good food is everything’ that’s why with the Newborn Baby Food making game you learn to cook a variety of mouth-watering food for the baby.


Kids ABC & Numbers Learning

Let’s make pre-learning fun and interactive with Kids ABC & Number learning game

Fun and Educational Game for kids to teach the Alphabet, Numbers, Pairing, Spellings, Mathematics, and much more in an easy and fun way. Let them learn by themselves by playing these free mini-games.


Neon Twist 3d

Ready to go for an adventure??? Challenge yourself and Add some diamonds in your pocket!!!

Feel Exhausted? It’s all about tapping the screen and saving yourself from deadly obstacles. In this game, two neon wheels will be constantly running along the road and you will have to move without touching the obstacles.


Milk Crate Challenge

Experience real life milk crate challenge

Challenge yourself to cross all the crates with your balance and make it up to the finishing line. It’s your time to try your own balancing skills and check how far you can go.


Mad Finger


Crazy Finger is a very exciting finger adventure game you’ve ever experienced. In this, many deadly sharp obstacles are waiting for you on the way and you have to avoid them to survive more.


Wordly - Daily Word Challenge

Feel the best word searching addictive experience with Wordly – Daily Word Challenge

Wordly is an addictive crossword puzzle challenge (English/Fiction) game that has become a daily addition in many people’s lives. Players have six attempts to guess a mysterious word, and each time you guess a word, the game will tell you which letters are correct or at the right position.