Neon Twist 3d

Feel Exhausted? It’s all about tapping the screen and saving yourself from deadly obstacles. In this Neon Twist 3d game, two neon wheels will be constantly running along the road and you will have to move without touching the obstacles.

How fast can you tap your finger? Because you have to tap continuously to move forward. In order to earn more points, you must survive as long as you can. There is no doubt that you will be entertained for a long time playing this game!

Excited to Beat your own Score? During this endless runner ride, you’ll need to avoid obstacles while racing through the void. You need to keep playing this game every day in order to get a good rhythm and accumulate as many diamonds as possible.

Check Neon Twist Game Features

  • – Artistic Gameplay
  • – Collect more and more diamonds
  • – Never ending game
  • – Large collection of music and sound
  • – Very challenging dynamic game
  • – No time limit
  • – Survive more to Beat your own score
  • – No internet connection is required

Ready to go for an adventure??? Challenge yourself and Add some diamonds in your pocket!!!

Available on Google Play for android -> Neon Twist 3d

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