Mad Finger Game

Crazy Finger is a very exciting finger adventure game you’ve ever experienced. In this, many deadly sharp obstacles are waiting for you on the way and you have to avoid them to survive more.

For how long can you hold your finger? Because you will stay in this game until you release your finger. The longer you survive, the more points you earn. In this game, you will never know how your time will pass while playing it!

Faster the fingers – more the points! Keep playing this game every day to get a good rhythm and collect as many diamonds as you can. Once you start playing, this game will become a habit and you can have fun anywhere and anytime.


Fantastic game environment
Get exciting claims and rewards
A variety of new obstacles on the way
Simply sliding fingers to move forward
Never-ending game with dynamic challenges
Very challenging one-touch game
Easy control of music, sound, and vibration
No time limit, just enjoy
The best exciting game to end your free time

Crazy Finger is all about how fast you can move your finger at the right time. This is an exciting, challenging, never-ending game. You can play it for hours without getting bored. Download now!

Available on Google Play for android -> Crazy Mad Finger

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