Newborn Baby Food Making Game- Best kids cooking game

Explore how to make healthy and delicious food for cute newborn babies. Develop your cooking skills and make the baby happy. ‘Good food is everything’ that’s why with the Newborn Baby Food making game you learn to cook a variety of mouth-watering food for the baby.

We offer lots of exciting tasks to help familiarize kids with cooking delicious food items. All recipes include instructions for making popcorn, soup, fruit juice, ice candy, or baby food.

Let’s start with newborn baby food creations!

Popcorn Making:
Hey Kids! Would you like to make the yummiest popcorn? In this crazy Popcorn maker game, you can make popcorn. Firstly you need to filter the good corn and follow the procedure to make popcorn.

Vegetable Soup Cooking:
Eat Healthy – Stay Healthy. Play the mini-game to pick the right vegetables while avoiding others from the floating path. To make the soup, add chopped vegetables to boiling water ,add some spices to make it more delicious!

Ice Popsicle Candy Making:
Amazing frozen ice candy is every child’s first love. First, play the mini-game of pairing the same color candies. Firstly, add some milk, milk cream, colorful flavor, and sugar to the bowl and blend it well. By following the instructions, add the mixture to the mold and let it freeze for a mouth-watering experience.

Fruit Juice Making:
Fruit is nature’s candy! To make a perfect fruit smoothie you need to pick the indicated fruits from the running path. Let’s wash the fruits well, cut them out, add water and fruits to a blender, and feed your baby. Decorate your juice glass by choosing from different sticks, toppings, and other elements.

Baby Food Cooking:
Collect similar flavour food packets and pack it up. Add some milk and your child’s favorite flavor to the bowl and blend it well. Add some other healthy ingredients to it and feed the baby with delicious food.

Now, It’s snack time for the kids!

Do you want to try your cooking skills or want to be a good babysitter ?

Play and learn how to make simple and mouth-watering snacks for cute little babies.

If you are a food lover then you can’t miss this game!

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